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What is Equity Finance?

15th November 2019

what is equity finance?

Equity finance is also known as equity release. Basically, it involves converting your home into cash, either as an income or as a lump sum. Equity finance comes in two main forms, lifetime mortgages and home reversion. Read our brief guide as to how each of these options works.

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What is Equity Release?

5th November 2019

what is equity release?

We're all living longer, which is great news for everyone. It does, however, mean that those near or in retirement (particularly early retirement), need to think carefully about how they are going to ensure that they can at least make ends meet (and ideally live comfortably), without an income from employment.

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What is an Equity Release Mortgage?

17 October 2019

what is an equity release mortgage?

An equity release mortgage is also known as a lifetime mortgage and is one way of releasing equity from your home without selling it. The other way is known as home reversion and works differently. Here is a brief guide to what you need to know about equity release mortgages.

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Should you consider Equity Release Finance Now?

10 October 2019

should you consider equity release finance?

The family home is often the single, biggest purchase a person will ever make and as such decisions relating to it can have major implications for the family finances, especially for people who are nearing, or in, retirement and know that their main income stream will soon be coming to an end. Some people may be happy to downsize and move to a new home, but many people would prefer to stay where they are and for these people equity finance could be a great option for turning the house you love into cash you can use as you want. If you are thinking about taking out equity finance now, here are some points to consider.

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